Finding the right school for your child

Over one million children in the UK suffer from learning difficulties.

Finding a school that can cater to your child’s additional needs is vital in order to help them develop their skills to the best of their ability.

By law, all schools in the UK are required to have additional support in place for students with learning difficulties, so finding a school that you feel caters to your child’s needs can seem impossible.

Here’s what to look for when making the all-important decision.

Visiting Schools

One of the best ways to gauge whether a school is right for your child is by going in for a visit.

Most schools offer open days, especially schools that offer extra support for children with learning difficulties.

It is advised that you make at least two visits if you like a school in particular.

Once without your child, and then if you think it is suitable, bring them along to see if they like it.

This can be hard with younger children going into primary school, so you can enquire with the school to see if this service is available.

Teachers and additional support are not the only things to look for when looking at schools. You should pay attention to the facilities that the school provides, especially play areas.

Play is just as important for children as learning, especially those with learning difficulties, as it gives them a break from learning. Some of the best schools have play areas with high-quality features such as sail shades, to protect your children from the sun, and high tech sports facilities.

Joining a new school

Starting a new school can be difficult for children, for children with learning difficulties, it is even harder to settle in. If you are moving house as well as school, it is important you make the moving process as easy as possible. This means paying attention to your child in this difficult time.

Having a company to come in and do cheap removals for you is just one way you can relieve some stress from the situation, in order to give you more time to help your child. 

Getting information

Your local authorities should provide you with information about all the schools in your area.

This should include schools that are well known for providing additional support to pupils with learning difficulties.

You can find additional information about the general support they give, as well as special faculties within the school on their websites or by phoning in.